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About Us


Alamo began as a Volvo repair shop specializing in older model Volvos in 2001, providing an alternative to dealerships that thought just because your Volvo was old with many miles driven, it was no longer worth repairing. Alamo became known as THE shop to repair older model Volvos. When Mitch retired, Brandon returned to assume operations on September 1, 2020. While the Alamo history of repairing your older Volvo remains, Tabor Volvo Service now welcomes newer models as well - using the diagnostic tools, technician knowledge and skill and years of experience necessary to service your Volvo. Brandon and Dennis look forward to assuring our clients are provided honest, quality and timely Volvo repair and maintenance services.

We provide many services at Tabor Volvo Service including: Oil changes, mileage services, brakes, diagnostics, timing belts, cooling system services, A/C services, transmission services, clutch services, suspension, electrical, batteries, exhaust, etc. If you have a Volvo, we can keep it on schedule with servicing needs and handle any repairs you need.

Brandon and Dennis have a combined 50+ years experience maintaining and repairing Volvos. With dealer experience and previous Volvo certified program training.

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