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At Tabor Volvo Service, we take pride in providing trained and focused technicians who know how to provide superior auto repairs and services. Our technicians use their mechanical skill to provide long-lasting repairs.


Getting accurate diagnostics is very important. We use modern diagnostic tools, along with old-fashioned visual and physical inspections in order to figure out what’s ailing your vehicle.


After figuring out what’s wrong with your vehicle, we will provide you with a no-pressure recommendation. We want you to feel completely comfortable, and we’ll never pressure you into making repair decision. We won’t start work until you give us full authorization to do so. You are always in control of the repair process when you come to us.

- Oil Changes

- Mileage Services

- Brakes

- Diagnostics

- Timing Belts

- Cooling System Services

- A/C Services

- Transmission Services

- Clutch Services

- Suspension

- Electrical & Batteries

- Exhaust and More!


One of the most important things you can do for the performance of your car is stay up to date with oil change services. In European cars where high performance is expected every day, fresh engine oil goes a long way towards getting the best performance possible for the longest lifespan possible.


When it comes to your car’s performance, properly working brakes are among the most important parts that must be maintained. Drivers expect the best from their Volvos each time they get behind the wheel. Whether you need to come to a sudden stop or you’re driving as usual, you need to know you can count on your brakes.


Nothing ruins your driving experience faster than seeing the check engine light on the dashboard. Though the technology in Volvos is continuing to advance and alert drivers to issues faster, there are still dozens of potential issues that make the check engine light hard to diagnose. Continuing to drive with the light on is an ill-advised risk and drivers should always err on the side of caution and have their car checked quickly.


Your timing belt is an essential part of your car. It works to keep your pistons and your engine valves in time together. If your engine’s timing is off even slightly, this can damage your engine and leave you stranded and facing potentially very costly repairs. Over time the timing belt will continue to wear and tear and depending on how you drive or other issues with your car, it may experience accelerated degrading. 


When the temperatures rise during the summer months, drivers need to know that they can count on their A/C to keep them cool and comfortable. Neglecting your A/C throughout the year simply isn’t a good option as that can lead to poor performance or even worse, no airflow at all when you need it the most. 


When it comes to the performance of a Volvo, the transmission is key to enjoying the smooth, comfortable ride that you expect. Transmission issues are not only among the most common car problems but they’re also among the most severe. Failing to repair an issue with your transmission can lead to many different damages and issues throughout your vehicle.


Your car’s clutch is one of the most important parts of enjoying a smooth, comfortable driving experience. Your clutch will begin to wear out over time and depending on how often you drive as well as your driving style. Annual service appointments are important to ensuring that your car’s clutch is always in proper working condition.


Does your car feel bouncier than usual? Are you feeling every bump in the road? When you go over a speed bump does it feel like the bottom of your car is hitting the ground? If you’re noticing any of these issues, then there’s a good chance that something is wrong with your car’s suspension. The suspension is key to providing you with the smooth driving experience that makes these cars so comfortable and so coveted. With many components that are prone to wearing down as you drive, proper maintenance is crucial to preserving the performance that you expect.

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